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Bloggerlisted: June 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

Bloggerlisted is Moving

I have discovered that blogger just doesn't give me the flexibility I have been looking for in regards to this site.  I am migrating to WordPress on separate hosting, so hopefully I can increase the experience for everyone.  My feed remains the same, but please click the link below to head over to the new BloggerListed!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This Week in the News - Top 5 Topics

I am going to step away from my typical posts today to bring up a few subjects that most of the nation can relate to over the past few days.  There have been a few huge updates in technology, as well as some interesting info from the music industry.  Below is a list of a few things that might interest you:

  1. Microsoft Announced a Windows 8 Tablet - Today, Microsoft made a surprise announcement (many of you on Twitter probably heard the "breaking news" via a tweet earlier today) that they are going to be releasing a series of "Surface Pro" tablets.  These are going to be strong competitors in the market against the iPad and Android Tablet.  I feel that it will come down to the Windows 8 software, as it always does with tech at that level.
  2. Apple Released an Expensive New MacBook Pro with "Retina Display" - The new display is supposed to be crystal clear and make reading, as well as moving objects, easier on the eyes.  I personally couldn't justify buying it for just this reason, especially at the 2k+ price tag.  However,  if you can afford the "Mac Tax" on this one, I'd be interested in hearing your review to compare with CNET's, linked above.
  3. Another Court-Issued Block Against The Pirate Bay - If you haven't seen the news on this already, and live in the UK, hopefully you don't depend on The Pirate Bay for your torrents.  I'm not talking illegal ones, but all content that you would have had access to previously.  I don't endorse illegal downloading of copyrighted content, but this is making many skeptical on what direction online security is headed in the near future with other website out there.
  4. Tupac Shakur's Birthday - On June 16th, a rap legend that was shot down in the street years ago would have celebrated his 41st birthday.  He is still recognized around the world for his art and passion for what he did, and you can actually relive it, either at a Dr. Dre concert or by checking out his holographic video from the Coachella Music Festival.  It's amazing what we can do with technology these days!
  5. Father's Day 2012 - Okay, so this doesn't necessarily count as tech news, but if you didn't get a chance to see your father on his well-deserved day, try the link above for some kind words or quotes to send him.  I always need to remind myself that no matter what day of the year it is, we should keep in contact with the folks we care about.  Perhaps this could be a great topic to start a blog on?  
Again these are just some interesting events that happened over the past few days, and obviously there's plenty to add to that such as the U.S (and Global) economy and the Greek Elections, but that's what news websites are for.  I'll be working on some more blog tips, among other things, over the next few days so there should be plenty to read.  Please subscribe or at least bookmark this blog if you're intrigued, but otherwise happy reading and enjoy the rest of your week!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Top 5 Blogs to Follow

I started this blog a couple of years ago, and surprisingly, most of the blogs I've been following then are still on top.  The best way to get ideas for posts or how to develop your blog is to follow those on top.  I once heard somewhere that if you want to be rich, you need to study what wealthy folks do and apply it.  The same applies to blogging, where all of the successful ones started just like mine here, and perhaps just like the one(s) you're working on.  If you're out of ideas to write about already, still finding your niche, or just want to see where you could be in a few years, I highly recommend you subscribe to the following blogs:

1.) ProBlogger - This is a VERY successful site that originally started as a blog about blogging, SEO, and many other things related to web presence.  This is the very first place a new blogger should look when getting started.

2.) For Bloggers by Bloggers - This is a site/blog that brings great advice for bloggers as well as many fun reads.  My favorite post by them was 7 Pieces of Blogging Advice That Bloggers Should Ditch Right Now which takes an opposing stance on most of the blog tips you see on the web nowadays, and their points actually make sense!

3.) FailBlog - If you haven't heard of it yet, and are looking to do a blog or site mainly comprised of images, this is a great example of how it should look.  The content flows well and they have found a target niche that works.  It is also very easy to read and navigate, both key in an media-oriented blog.

4.) StrayBlogger - I found some of the most useful content on this site, and this would be especially helpful for someone who already knows their niche but wants to get hoards of traffic and possibly monetize their blog in the future.

5.) BitDoze - The blogging section at has some great information on producing traffic through link exchanges, case studies, and every other tool you could think of that isn't covered in the above four sites.  This is the last place I would check in the blog development process, but is likely the most important.

If you like what you see on these sites and blogs, and are ready to get working on yours, I also have a post covering topics to write about and tips for getting the most out of your blog once it's going.  Also, always feel free to leave a comment or email me at

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

10 Gig Ideas for Fiverr

If you haven't yet heard of, it's basically a site that lets you post a gig (or a few) that you would be willing to do for $5.  Once you post, others will search for your gig and request it.  Once accepted, you do the gig, then you get the money.  You can repeat this as many times as you have requests, so there is no limit to your possible earnings.  You can always see what's popular on the front page of Fiverr, but here are some other ideas for gigs to get you started:

1.) Write a blog post or news article
2.) Sing/play a song (Audio or Video)
3.) Make a unique birthday/holiday card
4.) Proofread documents (The more unique the better, such as technical, financial, or spreadsheet docs)
5.) Tutor for 30 minutes (Specify subjects you are proficient in)
6.) Do 30 mins - 1 hour of research on a topic and provide bulleted facts/results summary
7.) Do a short, expert interview of something you are proficient in (Career advice for example)
8.) 30 minutes of troubleshooting (Computer virus, code, electronics, etc.)
9.) Write healthy eating/exercise plans unique to the client.
10.) Find top 5 online prices/sites to purchase a product

Again these are just a few of the endless possible options for gigs to make on Fiverr.  From what I've seen, the more unique idea, the better.  Try not to repeat other's ideas unless you have more experience or a twist on it, and also try to get out and link others to your gig to increase visibility.  If you've used a really unique gig on in the past, please leave it in the comments below!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Things To Blog About - 2nd Edition

I Think, Therefore I Blog
Today I went through my list of subscribed feeds and cleared out anything that I found outdated or perhaps didn't need to read.  It can be cumbersome tracking 50+ feeds, as many of you know.  So I narrowed down most of them to one or two of each topic.  There were a few key things I noticed as well, as I went on a hunt for newer, better blogs.  I prefer to read about ones that involve news, advice, and sports, but found that the most successful or popular ones on my searches, and on my feeds, were actually regarding the following topics:

- Blogging : many of the blogs simply talked about how to blog, how to bring in traffic, and how to network with other blogs.

- Financial Advice : many blogs that were doing well discussed investing or personal finances.  My favorite thus far was .  

- How to make extra income online : This is another given, as the economy globally is taking a beating, and many are left to penny-pinch and find alternate sources of income.  One really neat site I found that I haven't heard of before was, where you post something that you'd be willing to do or sell for $5, and others browse and buy the service if needed.  I already submitted a gig to make guest blog posts, but there are other ideas here too, which brings me to my next topic below.

- Reviewing Extra Income Sites or SEO Tools : I found a substantial number of blogs on reviews for sites like, Amazon Mechanical Turk, etc. and whether they work or not.  I know I went searching for a second opinion for these things before signing up.  Also, SEO tools and tips blogs were ranked very high on Google (irony!) and are still very popular as so many businesses are still entering the online market.

- Gift Ideas : I've seen a lot of blogs that talk about gifts, what to give on certain ideas or homemade gifts.  To be more general, post or make a blog about ideas or how-to's. 

- Cooking and Food : If you like to make your own unique recipes or just re-use or revamp classic ones, you may have a talent that is best shared through a blog.  

- Book Reviews : I've also seen an incredible amount of blogs that review political or fictional readings, and its amazing the readership and feedback they get on posts.  People love to express their opinions!

- Politics : With the upcoming elections, political blogs are on the rise.  And even without the battle that occurs every four years, there is always political debate and topics to discuss.  This one is easy to grow quickly with if you have experience with the topic, but be prepared for some distasteful comments.

I jotted these topics down as I was clearing my feeds and adding new subscriptions, so there are many more that aren't listed here.  However, this should give you a starting point if you're just getting into, or like me, returning to the blogging experience.  Always keep in mind that the best topic for you to write about is one that you are passionate about, and are experienced enough with to keep ongoing.  Happy Tuesday!

Update: I previously posted a list with some more ideas on what to blog about here.  Check if out if you're still hunting for blogging topics!

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

5 Ways To Get Finances Where They Should Be - The Plan

Well, it has been a while since I've written on here, but as we all know life gets in the way and other priorities have taken much of my freelance time.  It hit me the other day while I was budgeting out my paycheck that I am spending way too much on merely borrowing money.  This is money from credit card companies, auto loans, student loans, and even relatives, and paying monthly leaves little to nothing left to work with, except further use of the cards.  On the other side of things, not having a deep enough savings for emergencies has led to more borrowing and more debt, and as I researched online, I've noticed many folks out there are in the same situation.  If there's one class I wish they offered in High School or College at this point, it would cover personal finances.  I've learned the hard way after years of paying others for my own money that it doesn't have to be that way, and that the spending of money I don't have, whether an emergency or not, has to stop.  Below is a list of things I've found most helpful on the web to get me in the right direction and get out of debt, and hopefully I open some other eyes out there as well.  Feel free to leave comments if you have any recommendations or further tips!

1.) Start Saving Money - I spent the past week searching for a good place to get started with savings, so I have money set aside as a "cushion", to replace credit cards as I pay them off.  After tons of hours on Google, I found that ING Direct has a decent interest rate and is all online, so it is very easy to manage.  I am also able to link it to my checking account at my local bank so I can transfer funds each paycheck.  It also adds separation so I'm less likely to touch the money as it grows interest, and would only be accessed for actual emergencies.  If you would like to help me build my new savings as well, I can send you a referral link and for each sign-up it would add $10 to my savings (which you can also do with others if you create an account).  Just leave your email in a comment below or send directly to my contact.

2.) Stop Borrowing/Using Credit - The great country that I live in, though chock full of intelligent people, is still driven by material possessions and retail.  This combined with the ease of opening a credit card and the false hope of paying the balance each month, as well as the lack of education on how to effectively use credit has led endless numbers of people into a deep hole of debt.  I have finally put down my shovel and stopped digging but it seems like it is going to be a long way out. That has kept me from paying everything off in the past, but at this point I am finally motivated enough to climb out of this hole of debt and out into the sunlight. Okay, that may have been a bit cheesy, but you get the idea.  No more using plastic, no more borrowing, and living within my means should accomplish this.

3.) Pay off Credit Cards, but Don't Close Them - I am always worried how my credit rating is affected by these unpaid revolving debts, but I also want to eliminate them from my everyday life.  I know that in order to build credit, you need to use credit, and use it responsibly.  So I plan to pay off my cards, starting with the lowest balance first and working my way up, as Dave Ramsey suggests.  However, I also have found that closing cards is bad for credit, and that you should use them occasionally but pay off the balance by the end of that month.  This reflects responsible spending, and is exactly what my goal is in the long run anyways.  I do eventually want to buy a house, and get a much better rate on a mortgage, so building credit while reducing debt seems to be the best way to go.

4.) Stop Buying Things That Aren't Essential to Everyday Life Without First Having the Money Saved Up to Do So - I use my debit card at least 2-3 times a day.  This adds up to lots of charges, lots of unknown balances and potential overdraft fees.  For this reason, I'm converting my "Leisure" funds into physical cash-only purchases which are set aside each paycheck.  This way, I will know exactly how much I have left to spend before the next check.  Also, stopping impulse buying and shopping around will make this more effective.  Before every purchase I'm going to ask "Do I really need that right now?"

5.) Save Everything Left Over - Every ounce of change and leftover gift money or bonuses is going to be applied to savings and paying down debt.  Once I have enough emergency money set aside, the rest is going to go to paying at least 2-3x the minimum payment on my lowest balance credit card, then to savings for other things like medical funds and yearly charges, such as a taxes, car registration, insurance, etc.  These unexpected bills always hit me when I'm at my weakest financially it seems, so I won't have to worry about unknowns with the extra funds set aside.  I have created separate savings accounts through ING Direct to manage these different funds, and they are all easily accessible from the same account.  Eventually, I plan to start a Roth IRA or other retirement fund once my main debts are settled, as it is never too early to start.

Like I said at the beginning of the post, these are things I am going to implement starting today.  I have seen tons of success stories trying various things, and this set of changes fits my situation the best from what I've researched.  Hopefully there are other college students (or recent grads) that see this and at least start thinking about how they're going to finance the rest of their lives, because I know if I could go back 10 years and start saving and never open more than one credit card, I would be much more at ease about my finances at this point.  There is hope for us all and its never too late to turn things around, but its going to be a long tough road to get there.  As time goes on I may come back to this theme for future posts and updates for all of the readers out there, but feel free to comment if you have tried, or are trying for the first time, any of the changes I've listed above and your experience with them.  Have a great Sunday and rest of the week!

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