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Things To Blog About - 2nd Edition

Bloggerlisted: Things To Blog About - 2nd Edition

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Things To Blog About - 2nd Edition

I Think, Therefore I Blog
Today I went through my list of subscribed feeds and cleared out anything that I found outdated or perhaps didn't need to read.  It can be cumbersome tracking 50+ feeds, as many of you know.  So I narrowed down most of them to one or two of each topic.  There were a few key things I noticed as well, as I went on a hunt for newer, better blogs.  I prefer to read about ones that involve news, advice, and sports, but found that the most successful or popular ones on my searches, and on my feeds, were actually regarding the following topics:

- Blogging : many of the blogs simply talked about how to blog, how to bring in traffic, and how to network with other blogs.

- Financial Advice : many blogs that were doing well discussed investing or personal finances.  My favorite thus far was .  

- How to make extra income online : This is another given, as the economy globally is taking a beating, and many are left to penny-pinch and find alternate sources of income.  One really neat site I found that I haven't heard of before was, where you post something that you'd be willing to do or sell for $5, and others browse and buy the service if needed.  I already submitted a gig to make guest blog posts, but there are other ideas here too, which brings me to my next topic below.

- Reviewing Extra Income Sites or SEO Tools : I found a substantial number of blogs on reviews for sites like, Amazon Mechanical Turk, etc. and whether they work or not.  I know I went searching for a second opinion for these things before signing up.  Also, SEO tools and tips blogs were ranked very high on Google (irony!) and are still very popular as so many businesses are still entering the online market.

- Gift Ideas : I've seen a lot of blogs that talk about gifts, what to give on certain ideas or homemade gifts.  To be more general, post or make a blog about ideas or how-to's. 

- Cooking and Food : If you like to make your own unique recipes or just re-use or revamp classic ones, you may have a talent that is best shared through a blog.  

- Book Reviews : I've also seen an incredible amount of blogs that review political or fictional readings, and its amazing the readership and feedback they get on posts.  People love to express their opinions!

- Politics : With the upcoming elections, political blogs are on the rise.  And even without the battle that occurs every four years, there is always political debate and topics to discuss.  This one is easy to grow quickly with if you have experience with the topic, but be prepared for some distasteful comments.

I jotted these topics down as I was clearing my feeds and adding new subscriptions, so there are many more that aren't listed here.  However, this should give you a starting point if you're just getting into, or like me, returning to the blogging experience.  Always keep in mind that the best topic for you to write about is one that you are passionate about, and are experienced enough with to keep ongoing.  Happy Tuesday!

Update: I previously posted a list with some more ideas on what to blog about here.  Check if out if you're still hunting for blogging topics!

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