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5 Techie Halloween Costumes for This Year

Bloggerlisted: 5 Techie Halloween Costumes for This Year

Thursday, October 14, 2010

5 Techie Halloween Costumes for This Year

Here are some costume ideas I had for the techie fans out there that need a little direction in their costume decision this year:
  1. Tony Stark (or "Iron Man")
    - One of the coolest technological superheroes out there, Iron Man is the perfect costume for Halloween 2010. The movie is awesome, the suits are awesome, and the hero is just plain epic. You will certainly draw some attention with this one.

  2. Ivan Vanko (villain from Iron Man 2, aka "Backlash")
    - If you look like Mickey Rourke, this is the costume for you. Electric whips may be hard to control and dangerous around a large group of people, so if you are going for the full costume, test it out in an open field first please.

  3. iPhone
    - The iPhone turns heads by itself, but dressing up as one will definitely turn an entire room. These things are probably the most talked about, most popular cell phone out. Even with Blackberries and HTC phones everywhere, the iPhone is still on top, so dress like one and maybe you will be too!

  4. Gundam
    - Though these are nowhere new this year, as you can see in the picture on the right, being a Gundam for Halloween this year would blow people away. If you can pull it off or afford a pre-made one, who wouldn't want to be one of these running around grabbing attention.

  5. YouTube Video
    - I don't know why I didn't think of this one first, but the guys on the right certainly did a great job of portraying a YouTube video page in costume form. Can you imagine how many starts you would get with this one!

Whatever you decide to be this year, go all out and have a great time. If you have any ideas for costumes please feel free to comment about them on here or email me a picture and description at so I can incorporate them into this post.

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